San Antonio Solar Design Center

SunPower by Freedom Solar Design Center San Antonio

See Solar Up-Close in San Antonio

Freedom Solar built the first-ever SunPower® Solar Design Center in Texas right here in San Antonio in 2016.

If you are interested in solar power for your home or business, this unique showroom is a great place to start. Where else can you experience, in-person, the advantages of SunPower’s world record-setting solar PV panels with every component of the SunPower Equinox® system? Get a free custom evaluation of your home's solar potential from our knowledgeable Energy Consultants during your visit.

We are open Monday 9a-5p, Tuesday 9a-5p, Wednesday 9a-5p, Thursday 9a-5p, and Friday 9a-5p for in-person appointments. Just call 210-361-2883 or complete the form below to schedule a time to meet.

4222 Gatecrest #102
San Antonio, TX 78217

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"I appreciate your flexibility. Jumping on a last minute call and hosting a virtual web meeting with me was innovative. I appreciate your knowledge of the product. While I look for the best bang for my buck, the best bang is just as important to me as the buck. Taking time to help me understand the panels, inverters, and installation details from a product perspective is what won me over initially. I appreciate your company’s commitment to quality. A 25/25/25 warranty gives me great confidence that I am working with a company that stands by its product and workmanship. I appreciate your focus on what you had to offer. I met with 3 other competitors that focused more on identifying the faults of their competitors rather than helping me understand what they had to offer."

- Makeda D., San Antonio

Integrated Design, Unmatched Performance in San Antonio

Integrated Design, Unmatched Performance

You won’t need a ladder to see the panels, factory attached built-in microinverter, and the InvisMount® frame that make SunPower Equinox® systems generate more power, perform more reliably and look better than conventional home solar systems. No other system is designed and engineered by one company. Come see the latest solar technology at our San Antonio Solar Design Center!

San Antonio & CPS Rebate

San Antonio & CPS Rebate

We are a solar installer in San Antonio. Our local team serves our neighbors and helps you benefit from CPS Energy's Save for Tomorrow Energy Plan, which aims to reduce growth in the community's electricity needs by 770 megawatts by 2020, or the equivalent of a large power plant. The CPS Energy Solar Initiative Rebate Program allocated $15 million on February 3, 2017 to help the city meets these ambitious goals. CPS Energy also offers customers one of the best solar rebate programs in the country. Funds are limited - reserve your rebate today!

SunPower Master Dealer

In 2016, SunPower Corporation designated Freedom Solar as the first and only SunPower Master Dealership in Texas. Master Dealers are rigorously selected by SunPower to represent the globally trusted brand, combining SunPower’s 30 years of industry experience with the chosen solar company’s local expertise. The partnership combines SunPower's world-record setting technology with Freedom's brand of craftsmanship and personal attention to detail. It's a match that will maximize your return on investment for the life of your system.

We look forward to working with you to see if solar is the right fit for you and your family. SunPower by Freedom Solar services all of San Antonio, and specializes in servicing homeowners in the following ZIP codes: 78253, 78230, 78258, 78251, 78023, 78240, 78248, 78259, 78256, and 78255. These include the communities of Vance Jackson, Stone Oak, Far West Side, Helotes/Grey Forest, Deerfield, Leon Springs and Cross Mountain.

If you are looking for solar panels in San Antonio, we can help! Contact our team before local rebates expire to see how much you can save.