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Keitha and Rasty Goodwin

The Goodwin family is giddy about seeing their monthly electric bills reduced to almost nothing after going solar. Now that they’re making their own clean energy, Keitha and Rasty’s only concern about keeping their house comfortably cool at night is who’s stealing the covers.

Pearl Fields

Pearl Fields went solar when her summer bills skyrocketed after adding a pool. Freedom Solar made it easy with financing, warranty, and beautiful SunPower panels. As she looks ahead to future retirement, Pearl wanted to stabilize her monthly expenses. Making her own solar energy means more predictable expenses and lower monthly electric bills that will add up to decades of savings.

John and Kelli Potthoff

The Potthoff family feels fabulous about saving money on their electric bills and about choosing Freedom Solar to make the entire installation process easy. The SunPower by Freedom Solar team explained the process up-front, delivered 100% on their promises, and took care of all of the HOA approvals, city permits, and inspections. Their only regret is that they didn’t go solar sooner.

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Hundreds of top Texas companies and over 3,000 homeowners partner with SunPower by Freedom Solar to save money by generating their own power.

Since opening in 2007, the Freedom Solar mission has remained to provide complete solar solutions that perform beyond your expectations.

Our partnership with SunPower® combines world record-setting technology with Freedom's brand of craftsmanship and personal attention to detail.

Not only is your SunPower system backed by the best 25-year Power & Product Warranty anywhere, but because we do not subcontract any part of our 7-step process, we also guarantee our Workmanship for 25-years. The Complete Freedom Warranty© is the strongest combined warranty in the industry.

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